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Episode 8: Being Your Best Self | Bloom Life Coaching

5 Tips for the Engaged Bride

Hi friends and welcome back to the MaeMe Bridal podcast. I’m your host Melissa Estess, and I’m extra excited about this episode, because today Stephanie Miguez from Bloom Life Coaching is here, and we are going to be sharing 5 tips for being your best self during your engagement and wedding-planning journey! This particular topic is so awesome because it applies to everyone, not just brides, and the principles we’re going to discuss are super useful for everyday life!

This morning, I have the absolute privilege of sitting down with Stephanie Miguez, owner of Bloom Life Coaching! Stephanie is a fellow mom, entrepreneur, and life coach! Stephanie’s clientele are young women interested in advancing their personal and professional development. Many of her clients are in this very scenario: a bride-to-be who loves her fiance’ with all her might, but is thinking “I know planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so what can I do to reduce stress and be my best self during this process?!” Well, lucky for us, Stephanie is here and willing to share her 5 best tips for the engaged bride, just like you, to practically reduce stress and be the best version of yourself for the wedding journey- and like I said- all of Stephanie’s principles apply to life beyond the wedding! We are about to hear some amazing tools we can take with us to life life to the fullest, feel the most accomplished, and take on healthy mindsets and behaviors. Stephanie and I both just love the idea of starting off a marriage with the healthiest version of ourselves: mentally, physically and spiritually!

Stephanie is a wife and mother, with a second baby on the way very soon! She left her corporate job in sales to pursue her passion to help other women establish peace and thrive while pursuing their purpose in life. As someone who has dealt with perfectionism and fallen into the trap of people pleasing herself, Stephanie’s goal through Bloom Life Coaching is to empower other women to streamline their daily tasks and redirect their focus so they can pursue their purpose and seek peace and calm in their everyday life.

Today, she is going to share major life-changing principles, that can easily be adjusted to suit any person in whatever season of life they find themselves! 

Tip #1. Tiny Changes create remarkable results! Start with any new habit you are working to form leading up to the big day. Many brides use the opportunity of their wedding to try to establish a new habit like taking on an exercise routine or trying to develop a healthy eating habit. We definitely acknowledge the truth that every bride wants to feel her best, so if you want to ensure your habits stick throughout your engagement season and even maybe past your wedding day, you must be strategic in your approach.

  • Goldilocks Rule – humans experience peak motivation when working on tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. Not too hard. Not too easy, but just right. When something is too hard, we lose motivation, and quit. When something is too easy, we get bored, and quit.

Tip #2. Make Self Care a priority! Unfortunately for brides, decisions regarding the big day can increase stress levels. The definition of Self Care is the practice of safeguarding one’s happiness. There are so many joyous moments during wedding planning, so putting a Self Care practice into place just makes sure you feel that joy instead of letting stress overwhelm you!

  • A Self Care practice can be so many things, and what works for you may not work for other brides. A few examples include journaling, morning routine, meditation,
    devotionals, going for a run, yoga, listening to music, date night with fiancé, walking in nature, taking a nap, getting a massage, etc.
  • When you are making big decisions, it can be draining! It is important that you spend time with yourself to destress and regain clarity on your goals and possibly recharge after potential difficult conversations.
  • There may be a time during wedding planning that doesn’t go exactly the way you wanted. These things happen and are a completely normal part of wedding planning, but you must learn to deal with these bumps in the road in a healthy way. If you start putting self care practices into place now, you will have a great game plan and establish healthy habits that will definitely help with stressful situations arise.

Tip #3. Create a wedding week agenda for yourself. For the week leading up to the wedding, everything is in motion. Vendors will be calling, you’ll have nail appts and bridal luncheons scheduled. You don’t need to be worried about what to wear or pack or what time you need to be places. You and your fiancé are the star of the show, so allow yourself to be treated like one! Celebrities have personal assistants that tell them what to wear, what to pack and where to be down to the minute. You may be lucky enough to have a personal assistant, but if you don’t, you can do the legwork ahead of time so that you don’t have to do any critical decision making during the week leading up to your wedding.

I’ve included a copy of Stephanie’s ACTUAL FILE from her computer that she used for her wedding week! WOWZA…it’s detailed!

Tip #4.  The value of Accountability – Everyone deals with holding themselves accountable, but there are certain strategies that can be extremely helpful in sticking to your goals.

  1. Strategy of Monitoring
  2. Strategy of Scheduling
  3. Strategy of Accountability
  4. Strategy of Convenience

Tip #5. The beauty of Balance– A healthy combination of self improvement and self care! Think about them as the offense and defense of your personal progress! You need both to really be in the game, but it’s important to have a healthy combination of them both!

Wow, that was such great information! This will definitely be one of those episodes that you’ll have to save and go back and listen to later! In fact, if you’d like to learn more about Bloom Life Coaching and the services Stephanie provides, you can head over to her website or check her out on instagram and Facebook. Thanks again Stephanie for being with us today and sharing all your amazing insights… I know I’ll be sharing this episode with a few of my girlfriends who can definitely use hearing about the Goldilocks rule… and by girlfriends… I mean myself!

As always, you can also download the podcast episodes here on iTunes. Thanks again to Bloom Life for being with us, and thank you for tuning in! I hope this was helpful! I wish you all the best! Happy wedding planning and have a great day!



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