Q & A With Real MaeMe Bride: Sarina

Hear What Real MaeMe Bride Sarina Had To Say About Being A Bride in our Q & A!

September 21, 2019


We sat down (virtually) with real MaeMe bride Sarina for a fun Q & A to discuss her and her fiancé, Michael’s journey leading up to walking down the aisle. We absolutely loved getting to hear her feedback as a married lady, and we thought you would, too! 


Q: How did you and Michael meet?

A: “ It wasn’t very cute. I knew his friends. He was new in town and when I saw his friends at the local college bar we all went to, I asked, “Who is that?”. They said, “Oh that’s our new roommate Mike, he just moved here.” I replied “Oh he’s cute!” and then I can’t tell you what I said after that…let’s just say we were inseparable ever since!”


Q: How did Michael propose?

A: He took me on a weekend getaway. We went to Alabama and stayed in the city overlooking the park, and then we woke up that morning to go have breakfast at this cute little local place. They had an outdoor market going on in the square and we got to check out the local booths set up with art, flowers, baked goods and homemade products. After that, we went to the USS Alabama where they had a dragon boat race going on, women in these old-time dresses and there were food trucks set up. It was adorable! Then we went to the Modern Art museum and after that we drove to Orange Beach. We stopped at this restaurant called The Gulf, it was made out of a shipping container on the beach with beach hut beds set up all outside facing the water with string lights everywhere. It was very romantic. He asked me to marry him right there in a hut. I cried, a lot! After that fireworks went off- literally. He said, “I timed that perfectly right?”. There had to have been a baseball game or something going on but it was perfectly timed just for us nonetheless. After that we went and played putt-putt at a local arcade and game center (yes, we are very big kids!) and took the typical “we are engaged” pictures in the photo booth! Then we went out to the bar. It was perfection.



Q: When planning your big day, what was your bridal style? How did you want to look on your wedding day?

A: Romantic, soft, yet a touch of classic and very elegant.


Q: How was your shopping experience at MaeMe?

A: It was wonderful! My stylist was very patient with me. Initially, I had no idea really, what I was looking for. The staff was amazing, so helpful and knew how to help me narrow down what I really wanted. In the end the dress I got wasn’t at all what I thought I was going to go for, but it was perfect! It was so me and I felt so beautiful on my special day. My husband was very happy with it as well.


Q: Describe to me your wedding vision.

A: We didn’t really have a theme. It was just no fuss, nothing stuffy feeling or overly formal and sweet and romantic. The colors were dark blue and Grey. The flowers were soft white with lots of greenery.



Q: What is your most special memory from the wedding day? 

A: The way Mike looked at me as I was walking down the aisle as well as when we stood together to get married. He looked at me in a whole new light and had new eyes for me. He was glowing.  


Q: What advice would you share with future brides? 

A: You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a wedding that’s priceless. Also, enjoy it- it goes by at the blink of an eye. You’ll float around on cloud 9 and it feels so surreal, so make sure you stop and soak it all in.


Vendor love

Wedding Dress: The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe

Photographer/Videographer: 1216 Studio

Venue: La Maison Du Lac

Makeup: Beauty by Bailee

Hair: The Doll House Hair and Beauty Salon

Florist: Poppy and Mint Floral

Officiant: Steve Trahan at Sensational Ceremonies

Men’s Attire: Tuxedos to Geaux

*Answers have been edited for clarification.

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