Evie Young Launch + Trunk Show

Evie Young Launch + Trunk Show

Evie Young Launch + Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Jun 01, 2024

You are invited to our Evie Young Collection Launch


It girls, this one’s for you! 
Visit MaeMe and shop Evie Young’s entire NEW collection the day it launches. Only at MaeMe! 

For the it girl, the trendsetter, the modern, & the iconic. The full collection will be in-store for two weekends, and we couldn’t be more excited! The collection ranges from $1800-$2800; cool bride has no size: entire collection offered in sizes 2-28.


For the bride that stands boldly in individuality and who confidently lives as she is a masterpiece of her own making. She is all about writing her own rules, walking her own runway, being her own statement. She is the star of her own show and the author of her many adventures. Unbound by convention, she seeks the extraordinary in her journey and in her wedding dress, a design that is worthy of her soul’s expression.


Presenting bridal creations that are luxuriously unique to the industry, Evie Young creations feature in-house designed exclusive laces, earthen textural layers and innovative silhouettes. With a focus on the multi-faceted diversity of beauty and all that is feminine, our label is akin to a montage of individual love stories.

Designed in Australia, the Evie Young brand embodies the attributes of our Australian heritage. We value the blazing of new trails, the inspiration of all that is nature, the comradery of community, and the finding of joy in every part of the journey. We salute the brave and bold, admire the kind and caring, and revere the trailblazers and world-changers. We are honored to be worn by the authentic women of the world.



Understanding and embracing the concept that no bride is the same, our collections blend both the bold and soft, the elegant and unconventional, the fashion-forward with the classic. Designing our own opulent laces and fabrics keep the Evie Young vibe exclusive and exceptional.

Knowing that comfort is as important as style, our signature fusion construction combines the freedom of soft non-weighty fabrics and unrestrictive skirts to keep you carefree and footloose. Accentuating the feminine form without sacrificing class or your flair, all designs contain just enough bodice construction to highlight and support where needed.

To us, size does matter when it comes to being inclusive and therefore all Evie Young design pieces can be created in sizes 2 to 28. Most of our designs are offered in a range of colors and individual personalization options to bespoke your bridal vision.