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Podcast #7: Heidi Hull Designs | Jewelry with a mission!

Jewelry designer, Heidi Hull, visits MaeMe to meet brides and share her mission with the local community


Hi friends, and welcome back to the MaeMe Bridal podcast. I’m your host Melissa Estess, and today, I’m super excited to introduce you to one of my extremely talented friends, who I have the pleasure of also working with, Heidi Hull! Heidi is a jewelry designer and creates many custom jewelry pieces for MaeMe and brides across the country. Her collection can be found exclusively at MaeMe in the southern region!

While her jewelry is absolutely breathtaking and made with precious materials and handcrafted for each bride by hand… the ministry behind the jewelry is the real story!

So, let me give you a little background on my friend, Heidi! She lives in Washington State and her and her husband have 2 beautiful little girls. Heidi’s passion for art and design brought her to New Zealand, where she was teaching art classes, which led to a love for jewelry making. She knew that she enjoyed making jewelry, but the Lord placed on her heart a deeper calling for her work, something more meaningful, something more impactful.

Her passion has always been helping vulnerable populations locally, which has now expanded to Thailand and Cambodia. After many years of bringing involved in fighting human trafficking locally, Heidi had the opportunity to visit Asia and experience what trafficking looks like abroad. She has sense partnered with a non-profit organization that helps women trapped in human trafficking in Thailand. Heidi Hull Designs, together with Not Abandoned, the non profit already established in Thailand, just completed a huge project, the build of a brand new employment center in Thailand- a place where survivors of human trafficking can find safe housing, learn valuable skills and trades, and secure a job and earn a living wage.

Last year, Heidi began training women at the facility to manufacture a portion of her bridal jewelry line of accessories. Their first products are now completed and being sold in boutiques across the United States, MaeMe being one of her parter retailers! We are excited to announce that Heidi’s jewelry line is providing an opportunity for these women to experience independence, purpose, and freedom from abuse. Heidi’s dream is that through this partnership, women who have been trafficked can find hope and a new beginning.

You know, something I’ve learned about people, is we all just want connection, and purpose, and to be loved. My staff. My brides. Women in Thailand… we’re all the same, and it is an absolute privilege to choose to partner with such a beautiful soul, literally serving others, the hands and feet, for the purpose of freedom for others. It literally doesn’t get any more purposeful than that!

Okay, now that I’m basically crying telling you her story, I’ll let Heidi at least say Hi! 

Listen to the podcast for more about Heidi’s jewelry line and what you can expect to see from her in the coming months!



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