Shopping for your wedding dress in person at a local bridal shop is important for several reasons! While online shopping may seem convenient, our brides who have made the mistake of going for a cheaper option online have all agreed that it was a poor choice and ended up more stressed! For the best experience and outcome, we highly encourage brides to visit a local bridal boutique to find the dress of their dreams!

Shop Local for your Wedding Dress

Searching for the perfect wedding dress is a milestone moment for every bride-to-be. As the digital age has transformed the way we shop, the idea of purchasing a wedding dress online might seem convenient at first glance. However, it’s important to recognize the limitations and drawbacks of this approach. At MaeMe Bridal, a premier bridal boutique in the New Orleans area, we firmly believe that the experience of shopping for a wedding dress should be treasured, and that’s why we advocate for the magic of a local, brick and mortar boutique. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you cannot shop for a wedding dress online and the numerous benefits of shopping at a physical bridal boutique!  
Picture of the inside of the boutique at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe
  1. Personalized Service and Expert Advice:
When it comes to finding the dress that perfectly embodies your vision, nothing beats the personalized service and expert advice you receive at a brick and mortar bridal boutique. At MaeMe Bridal, our dedicated team of experienced stylists is committed to understanding your unique style, preferences, and body shape. They are trained to provide tailored recommendations and guidance, ensuring you find a dress that complements your individuality and flatters your figure. Online shopping lacks the personal touch and human connection that is vital for such an important decision.
  1. Hands-On Experience and Fitting Perfection:
Trying on a wedding dress is an enchanting moment that should be cherished. It’s an opportunity to feel the luxurious fabrics, see the intricate details up close, and truly envision yourself walking down the aisle. In a local boutique like MaeMe, you can immerse yourself in a serene and elegant environment, surrounded by a curated selection of beautiful designer gowns. Our dedicated stylists are there to assist you throughout the process, helping you achieve a flawless fit and talk through alteration needs, custom changes, and adjustments you should anticipate depending on the style gown you choose and your body frame. Our stylists will measure you and discuss each designer’s size chart and options such as petite sizing, extra length, fuller bust cup options, etc! Online shopping simply cannot replicate the magic of the fitting room experience!
  1. Access to a Diverse Selection:
While online platforms may boast an extensive range of wedding dresses, the sheer quantity and targeted ads of wedding dresses can feel overwhelming and often misleading. By shopping at a local bridal boutique like MaeMe Bridal, you can rely on the expertise of our consultants to curate a selection of gowns that suit your style, preferences, and price point. Our boutique offers nearly 400 dresses in a diverse range of styles and sizes, allowing you to explore various silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments. Additionally, you can try on styles that caught your eye online, ensuring that they truly live up to your expectations once you see the gown on your body frame!
  1. Efficient and Stress-Free Process:
Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind experience, and shopping for a wedding dress online can add unnecessary stress. Will the dress look the same in person as it does online? Will the fabric feel itchy? Will the gown have enough construction to be flattering? Will I choose the right size? Will it arrive in time?  In contrast, a brick and mortar bridal boutique provides a streamlined and stress-free process. At MaeMe, we offer personalized appointments tailored to your schedule, allowing you to focus solely on finding your dream dress. Our consultants will guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience that minimizes any potential worries or uncertainties. We will be able to provide you with an estimated ship time, you can feel and touch the dress in person, and we will measure you appropriately to ensure the best fit!  
bride shopping for her wedding dress
When it comes to finding the wedding dress of your dreams, it’s crucial to consider the limitations of online shopping. Shopping at a local, brick and mortar bridal boutique like The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe in New Orleans offers an unrivaled experience, providing personalized service, expert advice, and the opportunity to try on gowns in a beautiful and supportive environment. The journey to finding your dream dress is one to be cherished, and we invite you to visit our boutique and let us be a part of your wedding dress dreams! If you’d like to book your appointment to shop for your wedding dress, click here! Xoxo, MaeMe

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